Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Kitchen

When we bought the Main Street house, the kitchen looked a little better than this.  It had a floating tile floor... which it turns out was over carpet and two layers of linoleum.  Being in the middle of the house, it was narrow and dark. 
The dining room is adjacent to the kitchen (sharing the doorway in the photos above).  We knew they had to be married into one big eat in kitchen.  The scary part... there's a brick wall in between, from the foundation to the attic.  Like that could stop us!!
First, our crew built support walls on either side of the brick wall (upstairs and downstairs).

Our crew started on the 2nd floor, taking the wall down between two of the upstairs bedrooms. Once the plaster was off the bricks, they could be shoved onto the floor.
Then they went out through the hallway, into a chute built from one of the second floor exterior doors (that walk out onto a non-existent deck) and into a St. Henry Tile truck, waiting to be turned into gravel (or something like that!).
Here's the chute full of bricks.

And here's the kitchen full of bricks!
Of course, when we look at the kitchen we see something like...
Squint really hard, and maybe you'll see it, too!

Here's the dining room portion, wall removed, framed, and ready for electrical and insulation.

And here's the kitchen side.  Much brighter with the wall removed.  Now think about the finished kitchen above in this space.  Can't see it?  Squint harder!!!

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