Monday, January 6, 2014


We've owned the Main St. house for a few weeks now.  So far we've:
Removed carpet from 2 first floor rooms.
Removed 3 random types of hardwood & laminate hardwood look from three rooms.
Removed tray drop ceilings from 3 rooms.
Removed woodwork from 2 rooms.
Pulled up snap together tile, then a layer of carpet, then a layer of glue from the kitchen & back hallway.
Found quarter-sawn oak in the master bedroom. (YES!)
Removed trash & junk.  
Removed slate tile from hallway walls.
Collected & organized building materials left in house.
Removed metal barn siding from master bedroom walls.
Removed doors from ceilings. 
Shopped at Lima ReStore for... stuff.  No luck.
Window shopped at Markle Exit 286 Antique Mall for furniture.  LOTS of luck (:  Uh-oh budget...
Bought killer dust masks.

Planned the new layout of the first floor, including adding a half bath, creating a master suite, and removing a floor-to-ceiling brick wall to accomodate a modern eat-in kitchen/dining room.
Talked Todd Topp into helping us figure out how to make replacement transoms (:
Invented a new food- the "cold pocket"- for when you think you have a working microwave, but you don't!  Yum...

Thank goodness for my sweet cousin Mariah, who volunteered to watch our one year old twins, Hank & Winnie, for a week of her Christmas vacation.  Without her help, we would just be getting started.

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