Sunday, January 5, 2014

The details

The St. Henry history books refer to the Main Street house as the "Bernard Romer Jr. 12 room brick house."  It must have been quite the sight in its day.  As we have seen from some of the details during demolition, it was a dental office for... well almost forever.  I vaguely remember getting some (painful) dental work done there.  My dad vividly remembers a similar experience.  More recently, it has been a duplex and then a large home in need of some attention.  Here it is in its better days:
Here are a few architectural details that sucked me in:
1. Awesome trim.  It may not be in perfect shape, but it's nothing a little paint can't fix.
It's not as impressive as the Kremer-Hoying house trim (below, in the kitchen in Hank & Winnie's birthday photo, finished) but not too shabby.
Back to my list.
2. Details around the lights.  Yes, they would look nicer around an actual fixture rather than a light bulb, but you get the picture.  
3. 2nd floor patio.  Clearly it's missing, but it's going to be super cool.
4. Tons of windows.  From the living room, we can keep an eye on Bacon Garman.  If that's not entertainment, nothing is!  (:

5. Beadboard.  I love beadboard.  Nuff said.
Also, there's a pretty cool metal ceiling in the main hallway.  We have a love/hate relationship with it, in that I love it & Mitch hates it.
6. Clawfoot tub.  I have no idea if it's old, but it's in good shape.
7. Attic circle windows with decorative wood trim
8. An attic.  A place for kids to poke around & giggle because they shouldn't be there.  They'll have little adventures & run from ghosts.  I love it (:
9. Transoms
They'll look better with actual windows in them, but they let in nice light.  Here's an original transom, painted, above an exterior door in the 2nd floor hallway.

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